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Early autumn 2014, we stayed for some days in big Sun Resort in Greece (Halkidiki, Macedonia). The economic crisis of 2009 had been tempered, but the effects were still visible. Expansion of the resort that had started about eight years earlier, had stopped around 2009-2010, and rapidly, structures that were not finalized got in part demolished.

view from unfinished building to the port and hotel of sun resort

This building stands on the south side of the port. From behind the open, unfinished form is seen. From the harbor, the appearance is ‘better’. A screen suggested a finished structure.

building on the edge of the port, from behind

A little further a second, longer unfinished building.

under construction

A room of this second building contains stacks of chairs and tables. To the left, again, screens have been placed on which the appearance of a nice finished building is depicted.


A look from inside through such a screen shows only abstracted forms.

screen in abstraction

A small, intimate setting.

two tables, one chair

A bit further away from the big hotel and port, attempts to remove old buildings and replace these with new ones, have been suspended. Digging has created a temporary pond.

reflections in time

Note the historic remnants of original dwellings.

past and presence got stuck in time

As part of the expanded sun resort, an open movie theater was created.

on the agenda “Ben Hur”

Other play and fun places were installed, but had been abandoned for some time: good for memories.

all what is left…

Now, November 2020, an even bigger crisis has started. This week, news about first effective vaccine against COVID19 arrived. However, expectations are it will take one year or longer, to treat people at risk, which concerns most of us.

No surprise, that situation at this sun resort has remained much the same, in as far I could discern today from examination of google earth map of the area.

Take care, be carefull you all,

Drager, 12-11-2020