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In order to divert your obsessive thinking about poor developments in the world order, close your eyes and ears, and take note:

What’s up there?

What’s there / up there?
just look, and think:

Now that you are attentive, consider this:


Thre thre thre / dam ach sto gho per /

sell Rome never / sell less than ever /

you say words / just that /

words that itch / just that

empty mouth / movements

in vain action / of jaw muscles

The solution will not arrive from understanding, but acception might.

Clear water

Clear water is essential / in the acception of future events /

even if dark elements take control / over our movement /

and our experience gets blurred / by our inability to understand /

time / as the power of movement / and standstill.

Do not take things as these are, but start by improving yourself