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People often buy a bed, when entering adulthood. A bigger bed, when living (and sleeping) together.

When getting old, the number of hours in bed often increases, even when sleep is more disturbed and irregular.

Then comes the time, that those who used the bed, will pass away.

In some regions, people tend to use the bed spiral base, that is left alone, for other purposes. Preferred is their use as part of a fence or gate.

Walking in Las Hurdes (Spain) in 2018, we encountered several such transformations.


Bed spiral turned into a fence (1)



Bed spiral turned into a fence (2)



Bed spiral turned into a fence (3)



Bed spiral turned into a fence (4)

One must not be surprised by the fact, that in the same environment, the number of abandoned houses is high.


House abandoned in Las Hurdes (Spain)

It need more research, to establish whether the transformation of (usable?) bed spirals inherited from parents or grandparents, is caused by unwillingness to sleep on such elements earlier used by people that have passed away, or by the wish to have better quality. Yet, the transformation into fences or gates has significance as signal of the border of states of existence.



“Curiosity and strangers / are good partners” (Las Hurdes, Spain, photos and text Drager Meurtant, 2018-2019)