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Judges Report Final Round Figurative Art in Three Dimensions

XXth Competion at Art Center VIMOMUX, year 2019

After thorough deliberation, trying to reach consensus and equal imput of the members of the jury, a final decision was reached on the three submitted art-peaces created by Drager Meurtant (NL, 1951)

During the process, the five members from the jury weighed the pros and cons of artistic protuberances, by applying the elementary principles prescribed for separation of figurative versus abstract (Instruction Report #A12B-567, 1983).


“Sorry Jean”

Art-peace One: “Sorry Jean” (2018)

Comments: the raw, primitive nature of the semi-figurative concrete relief, associates firmly with the wall and hence, the placement creates an actuality in addressing contemporary trauma. The integrative character expressed by the circumstantial placement on pre-existing background, makes the art an holistic event. The wholeness further enhances the pertinent relation with contemporary queries into the genesis of soul as sole force feeding eternality.

Decision: accept.

solitary traveller

“Solitary Traveller”

Art-peace Two: “Solitary Traveller” (2018)

Comments: this ready-made, sculptural figuration really transpires the solitude, as the title implicates. By referring to the multiple miniature quadrants, the depth of research is enhanced, for the validity of use of objects – that in their history served a different role – in art practice, as this was first employed by Marcel Duchamp (Bicycle Wheel, 1913) or even earlier by the DaDa artist Elsa, the Baroness of Freytag-Loringhoven, with her Enduring Ornament (1913).

The blackish color reflects the loss of relevance of this art-medium for many art-historians. The use of one-sided lighting anguishes the perception by the viewer, in it’s ineluctable blow of the flow of time towards the end, without escape. In this way, the figure announces death, as already can be derived from the two title words.

Decision: accept.


“The Triangle”

Art-peace three: “The triangle” (2019)

Comments: the narrow margin lifting this work from two- into three dimensions serves a function as to elude from fixed barriers, frames and borders. The material applied, and the colors that follow at (superb) lighting are enchanting the spectator. With experience, however, the true meaning comes into vision: a play with prejudice, superstition and ordinary judgement. The host – when placed oppositive this well-crafted work, becomes a graft not able to suppress the primary reaction of being placed in a hostile environment. This conflict deepens the experience, since doubt opens the mind.

Decision: accept (special honor).

Members of the Jury:

Jacques de Santo Torres (chair)

Anna Viltan Navon (secretary)

Karl Hütting Wltack (member)

Vladimir Brosvokic (member)

Faith Runungongo (member)