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When dreams arrive, the content is not indicated on the envelope

(Jacques de Santo Torres (1888-1972)

A first dream:

Sitting in the backseat of a car, with increasing speed going down a steep slope and then, the gradual discovery that the driver is asleep, or dead?

Next, a second dream:

Walking through corridors that resemble my former school, realizing that preparations for exams at the end of this year have been poor, that time and perseverance is lacking, always being too late for class and ill-focused…

Then, a third dream :

People are waiting for me, to take charge. To deal and treat conditions of defect, of suffering. Yet, I don’t know the password and I’m not dressed to the occasion. I’m simply not instrumental…

These are dreams that threaten with defeat, that reflect one’s inner perception to be doomed to failure. I do not have a subscription to such dreams. But, once in a while, ill-managed delivery makes these land on my doorstep.

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Can a dream be a memory?

Dreaming Cubistic, Drager Meurtant, August 17, 2017

Can a dream

be a memory

and if so

depends the format

on the shape of the display?

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From dreams I turn to the real world. That is, if the creation of art is part of the real world, and not (more so) placed at the border of the dream-world and the dreadful daily circumstances of life. Some time ago I recited a poem standing opposite of a statue which I had made, and surrounded by spectators and listeners. That time I chose the position of the creator, and the statue was obliged to listen.

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Poem for a statue

DSC06574 - kopie

Rudimentary, Drager Meurtant (2016)

Statue, you look at me

with your fool’s eyes,

that are no eyes.

Statue, your mouth swears

my imperfection

to tell the truth.

You suck me empty

you drown my power

you feed yourself

with my imagination

and leave me hollow.

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Streaks on the window

streaks on the window 4-12-2017

Streaks on the window (Drager Meurtant, December 4, 2017)

The streaks on the windows

don’t say nothing,

such as “when do

I see you again?”

at the exit

of the supermarket.

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Bridges are encountered in several forms of dreams. As stated by an expert in dreams: “The bridge often has the significance of crossing or moving from one phase of life, activity or emphasis to another” (reference: Tony Crisp, http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/bridge-2/).

What if a bridge?


What if a bridge?, Drager Meurtant, lino-cut, 2017 (ed. 1/3)

What if

a bridge exists

only in your dream?

And the abyss

before you

is real?

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Untitled (Pyrenean landscape 1983, monoprint, Drager Meurtant, 2017

The other night

I ran down a gentle slope

my feet not touching ground

just kicking air

holding my breath from expiring

to continue this state of floating

as long as could be…